Set Building

Over the last 18 years I’ve produced photoshoots of every style: commercial, editorial, low budget, high end, on-set and on location. I’ve been presented with almost any issue you could imagine and proactively provided solutions to keep things moving. I’ve built up a deep understanding of set development and building solutions to enable a shoot to run smoothly, efficiently and on budget (no matter how small..!).

With this in mind, I have set up The Set Guys, a production focused set design and installation company. I’ve pulled together a team of highly skilled problem solvers who are able to create sets to the highest standard and provide smart solutions to any problem on set. In our first year of operating, we have created sets in studio and on location, large and small, for the like of Costa Coffee, Virgin, Nike, Macallan and Bowers & Wilkins.

Whether you need an uber-luxe/kitsch interior and exact replica café or even a private jet interior, The Set Guys can handle and brief to deliver seamless set building from conception to delivery.